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Q - What can i burn the wax melts in?

A - We recommend buring wax melts in a wax melt burner. 


Q - How much product shall i use?

A - It is up to the customer how much they would like to use and the strength of the scent they like. However we recommend: Cute pods - 1 shot. Deluxe Pods - Can be used up to 8 times. 


Q - What if i have used the product and do not like it?

A - Unfortunately we can not refund this but if you visit our community page on Facebook, you will be able to swap pods with another customer. However if the product hasn't been used and is in the original packaging we will look to be able to refund this. 


Q - How much is shipping?

A - If your order is under £30 we charge £2.50 for shipping. If your order is £30 or over shipping is FREE.


Q - Do you offer wholesale?

A - Unfortunately not at the moment, but if you email us we can put you on our reservation list and if there is enough interest we can look to offer wholesale options.